"Why Jonesboro Wept,"

Ballad of the Red Star,

By Eben

Money, sex, blood-spilling sports,

the engine that runs even courts,

abuse that rips up family,

while the president gropes shamelessly*...

we’re loving POWER for its sake,

and blood from victims spreads a lake.



Star of blunder, Star of blight,

Star of red-jawed, lion bite,

All misleading, All polluting...

Lord, please save us with your Light!


Murder, violence stalk the land,

exalted, served on every hand.

We reap the deaths at Jonesboro--

deaths WE caused because we sow

the notion that MY life is won

when I, not you, am Number 1.



POWER is this deadly game

by which we seek ourselves some fame.

Schools teach that no one counts,*

Hollywood shows how to pounce.**

“Power up!”--broadcasts our Star,

and steroids gas our muscle car.



Kill, if that is what it takes

to fill the void that aches and aches.

How diff’rent was the meek Christ born

in Bethlehem for men forelorn.*

Humanity was crushed by sin,

trapped in guilt that burned within.



Rome then sat upon the throne,

but her scepter was on loan.

It passed to us eventually,

and now it crushes, sea to sea.

POWER, someone said, corrupts,

but like Mt. St. Helens, it erupts!



Laugh, and question what I’ve said,

but look, your hands are stained blood-red!

But if you want to be set free,

the One to seek can grant mercy--

He came, he suffered for just one thing,

to slip on each His wedding ring.****

#William Jefferson Clinton, who engaged in sexual behavior with student interns in the Oval Office, and then lied about his affair with Monica Lewinsky to a Grand Jury while under oath-- all of which millions of Americans and its media and press treated as his own private business and not anything important, though the entire younger generation was watching carefully and taking is cue how far they could go themselves in lying and in their own explorations in sex

*Evoutionary teaching in the public schools indoctrinated students with: There is no God, no morality, certainly no Biblical morality; We are animals, not God-fashioned for fellowship with Him

**Terminator I, II (and their icky ilk)

***” Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus... He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the Cross..” Luke 2:5, 8b, 8c

****Each believer in Christ forms the Bride of Christ whom he loved and gave up his life for

Information from Wikipedia: The Westside Middle School Massacre, March 24, 1998, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, horrified the whole nation. 5 people, 4 female students, and one teacher, were killed. Ten people, nine students and one teacher, were injured. The perpetrators were two students, 13-year-old Johnson, and 11-year-old Andrew Golden, who were shooting ambush style from the woods in camouflaged clothes. Both were caught attempting to escape the scene in their well-stocked and provisoned van, and taken and tried for the crimes (and where did they get the ideas to execute all these well-thought-out plans, if not from the culture?--Ed]. But they were underaged, and could not be punished to the full extent. Both were released after a couple years of imprisonment, Johnson in 2005, and Golden in 2007. The public feared at the time of the trial that the two mass murderers would get weapons again and again commit terrible crimes in the community. Johnson was rearrested in the company of Justin Trammel, who had killed his father with a crossbow. Both Johnson and Trammel were armed, and there was drug possession. Since the massacre, Jonesboro's laws were changed so that minors of their age could be charged and sentence with punishment that was was commenserate with the premeditated crimes.--Ed.

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